Jesse Young

Over 1.2 million dollars poured into attacking Jan Angel last year when she ran against Nathan Schlicher, so we knew there'd be some resistance. We anticipated some twisting, some exaggeration even.

But when we saw the most recent mailer full of blatant fabrications about Jesse's positions, we were shocked that anyone could be so brazen.

You can win a campaign while being outspent, but it's darn hard when you're being outspent 5:1. If they are going to blanket the airwaves and the mailboxes with fiction, we have GOT to be able to respond and keep the truth coming!!

We've worked beside Rep. Jesse Young throughout this campaign and have seen how hard he works, day in and day out. He's a fighter, always has been. We're not going to let him take these punches alone. We're standing beside him and fighting back.

We need to raise $7,500.00 by Tuesday, Oct. 28th, to keep our ads rolling. We've been blessed with contributions that allowed us to fund our media strategy thus far. Jesse has a great story and it has impacted so many voters!!

Now, we are nearing the end and the attack has begun. Help us keep Jesse in this seat by continuing to get the message out!

Can you chip in $5, $10, or $50?


Thank you for everything you've done to fight for the 26th District!


Rep. Young's Campaign Team




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