The Primary Election is Over!

Because of the solid support I have received around the district, last Tuesday's primary election results mean that we're moving on to the General Election!

The results were clear: despite a split between two Republicans, I received about 38% of the vote. Together, we two Republicans (Bill Scheidler and I) received just about 53% of the vote--meaning that our campaign has a clear path to victory.

First of all, I want to thank everyone on the Young Team who worked so very hard for this result.  I couldn't have done it without the supporters, contributors and volunteers who sacrificed their valuable time and energy.  Most importantly, thank you to everyone who turned out to vote!

On to the General Election!

Now that I go on to face just one opponent in November the campaign is more straight-forward, but it will still be a tremendous challenge.  We have much to do in the next few months but ultimate victory is within our grasp.  I will continue to need your support in order to get my message out to voters.

What is our campaign message?

Part of that message is bipartisanship.  I've worked hard as State Representative to not be a yes vote for any one party, but to take careful consideration on every issue--especially education and job creation.

Some of that message is compassion.  I spent part of my life homeless on the streets and learned the harder side of life.  I know what's like to try to get out of poverty when the deck is stacked against you. We need more leaders who put their real-life experience to work to make life better for the people of Washington, but not by mortgaging our future with more debt and taxes.

I will need your support to continue this campaign to make a difference in Olympia.  Every dollar given and every hour spent getting the word out to voters has an impact!

I appreciate your support--whether through a donationvolunteering your time, and/or simply voting for me in November!

Let's get this done.



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