You sometimes know what a candidate believes in based on who is supporting him or her. Today I want to highlight a few of my endorsements to help you get an idea of what it is I believe in and work for as State Representative.

Focused on Helping People in Need

One of my utmost concerns as State Representative is promoting policies that help people.  A primary means of doing that is simply by creating a business-friendly environment that will create jobs.  For most people, there's little that helps more than the opportunity to find a job.

In recognition of this, I have a 100% score from the National Federation of Independent Business, Washington's premiere small business association.

But, as someone who grew up homeless, I know that sometimes people need more than just a job.  That's why I'm also working hard to make sure that the Legislature does all it can to help our real estate markets to recover.  It's why I work to make sure everyone has the opportunity to find safe, affordable housing.

Here are a few important endorsements that reflect the work I've done in this policy area:

Endorse My Campaign Today!

Our campaign also has a number of endorsements from individuals.  Join these members of the Young Team:

Michael & Pamela Abernathy
Steve Beren
Jeanne Boroff 
Senator Tim Sheldon (D)
Bea Christophersen
Lee Anita Coleman
Kathy Delgado 
Debbie L. Doll 
Rob Firman
Frances M. Nelson 
James Gough
Mark Jankford
Kent Keel
Sharon S. Krey
Bill and Diana Landahl
Patty McFarlane 
Juliana McMahan 
Rep. Elizabeth Scott (R)
Terry Nettles
C.B. Pearsol

Please add your endorsement today on my website!

Issue Focus: Protecting Agriculture for the Future


On Sunday I was honored to get to speak at the King-Pierce County Farm Bureau picnic.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a lot of fun.  It was also a good opportunity to reflect on how important agriculture is to Washington.

For example, did you know that more than a fourth of all United States grain exports move through grain terminals at both the Columbia River and Puget Sound?

Did you know that Washington's "$49 billion food and agriculture industry employs approximately 160,000 people" and makes up 13% of our state economy?  This is not to mention the jobs indirectly connected to agriculture!

Agriculture is essential to our state economy, but is often ignored by the Legislature.  Worse, high taxes, especially estate taxes, can sometimes seriously harm this industry and kill jobs.

As your State Representative I'll keep working hard to help agriculture and to protect the jobs of those working in this essential industry.

What do you think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about agriculture or really any issue on your mind.  Feel free to send me an email at or post a comment on my Facebook page.

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