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Over 1.2 million dollars poured into attacking Jan Angel last year when she ran against Nathan Schlicher, so we knew there'd be some resistance. We anticipated some twisting, some exaggeration even. [READ MORE]

We're down to the last days of this election. Ballots have dropped and voters all across the 26th District are making their choices in this critical election. [READ MORE]

We all have stories. Some of our stories are of hardship, some are of better days. But all of our stories shape who we are and our outlook on life. [READ MORE]

You sometimes know what a candidate believes in based on who is supporting him or her. Today I want to highlight a few of my endorsements to help you get an idea of what it is I believe in and work for as State Representative. [READ MORE]

Because of the solid support I have received around the district, last Tuesday's primary election results mean that we're moving on to the General Election! [READ MORE]

Today I want to highlight a specific issue that we debated: protecting our constitutional right to bear arms and, specifically, whether to support Initiative 594 or not. [READ MORE]

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with the Kitsap Sun for an interview about my life story. I appreciated the opportunity to share about the challenges I've faced and how they have affected how I view life and raise my family. [READ MORE]

I was appointed to this position in January of this year and am now running for office for my first elected term as State Representative in LD 26 (which includes parts of Kitsap and Pierce counties). [READ MORE]

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